Tuesday, bloody Tuesday

I really despise that one person who can come into a room and change the mood.  You don’t know this person until they have a bad day.  They come in, throw down their bag, sigh ridiculously loud, then grumble off, no hello.  I remember this person in high school.  And thinking that I never was cut out to be a teenager, I’d day dream about when I could enter the professional world, the place I knew I would fit in, where people are strictly professional… everyday.  I remember running up to a person in college during a class change “Hey, Carolyn!!!” only to be given a look like she was just molested by her uncle and how dare I be chirpy to her?  I don’t like you anymore, Carolyn.

I don’t like Carolyn, because I could never be Carolyn.  However, I don’t really mean Carolyn, because she was constantly Eeyore and if you are looking to affect the mood of a room, negativity is the easy way.  But that positive energy that comes when the socially adept person enters a room in a good mood…  That’s talent, people.

Back to the off-day though, the sucky part about being that energetic person is that if you are off, everyone knows it, and no one is going to like you once you deflate their expectations.  Solly!

And back to bloody Tuesday.  I’m not the energetic person that people can’t wait to see everyday, this I know.  But I do take pride in being even-tempered at work.  And today, I couldn’t hide my grump!  It’s not my colleagues’ business if I feel like a bloated cow or, as in the case this morning I get down on humanity because of people’s BART behavior when there’s a commute delay.  (I really do let the lack of humanity in day to day life bring me down, which in itself makes me sad.  I need a happy pill.)  But oh, I tried and tried, but oh what a grump I was.  I’m not going to apologize, oh no, never.  But I’ll try harder next time.

What did help?  Coming home to no suicidal plants.  In fact, I think they rose to the occasion and cheered me up just fine.

plants-003.jpg  plants-001.jpg  plants-005.jpg


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