heroes, losers, and humanity

If someone asked me a year ago for an example of someone I admire, I would’ve had a lame answer – Bill Cosby and Oprah.  Pretty lame, because truth be told I liked Bill Cosby the Huxtable not so much the person he is today.  I’m suspicious of the sunglasses.  And Oprah?  so cliche, so main stream…  (and another reason I was proud to say these were my heroes was because they are both black, and having come from a racist Louisiana background, I was asserting my distance from such a place, but it has been 7 yrs passed since I have left that state, time to move on….)  aww man, I just realized my new hero is black, too.  Seriously, never even thought about it prior to that.  but you know what, she’s still my hero.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of he Infidel and The Caged Virgin.  This woman broke out of an oppressive society and became a refugee in Holland, sought education, entered into government, expressed her views of women in Islam in a film that got Theo Van Gogh murdered, and has since come to America.  I’ve never been so inspired by anyone.  When she discovered her personal freedom in Holland and went to school, I was amazed by her determination and I kept thinking She’s doing something, why isn’t everyone doing something? 

I sat with that feeling for a while…  Why isn’t everyone doing something?  I was really upset by this, frustrated…  I’m not a person with strong convictions.  I keep most of my beliefs to myself and enjoy discussing religion and politics on a general level, but you’ll never see me running for office.  (I will, however, judge the crap out of you if you have stupid silly beliefs… Christians, you know who you are…)

But this book moved me to take a stronger stance.  I am in the middle of The Caged Virgin and looking forward to The Truth about Muhammad by Robert Spencer.  I’m also looking at a section about the Muslim world and why they are so far behind in technology from The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

So this is what I can say now.  I am an atheist.  I am an atheist because I believe what matters is what is happening on this Earth and what is happening with humanity.  Morals and values are more obvious to me in how they relate to humanity, not religion.  In fact, I think the true worth of a person is what is left when you strip them of religion.  If someone has no self-worth after their religion is gone, that person is worthless to me.  This is not to say a person of high self worth is good or bad, it takes a pretty confident person to kill someone and think they can get away with it.  It’s just a starting point.  This person has potential to help humanity get to a better place.

In the mean time I am still struggling with two things: is humanity worth helping when there are so many worthless individuals? (I love humanity, but in general, I hate people) and what can I do to help humanity that isn’t politics but will allow me to live with myself?   

 Don’t even get me started about lazy flubs who complain about life never giving them a break…  Are ya stupid?  yes, you are.


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2 responses to “heroes, losers, and humanity

  1. Kate

    Answers to the two questions you are struggling with in this post:

    1. No, humanity as a whole is not worth helping.

    2. Live by the Golden Rule and never expect anything in return.

  2. “is humanity worth helping when there are so many worthless individuals? (I love humanity, but in general, I hate people)…”

    Yes. Humanity is worth saving. When one reaches out to save another, she saves herself, for she is part of humanity, worthy or worthless. (“No man is an island entireth of itself..” -John Donne)

    “…and what can I do to help humanity that isn’t politics but will allow me to live with myself?”

    ~~We need not do great things, just small things with great love~~ by Mother Teresa

    ..doing small things with great love – that’s not politics and likely that would allow one to live oneself…?

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