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Rubik’s cheater

On the commute home, I noticed the guy in front of me fiddling with a Rubik’s cube and I thought ooooh, I haven’t seen one of those in a long time.  Good for him.  and then I drifted off to sleep.

When I opened my eyes, the guy had a Rubik’s cube cheat sheet!  I couldn’t believe it, who cheats at Rubik’s cube!  I was so close to telling him that, too, but I didn’t.

And the part that pissed me off the most is that you know this guy probably has a kid at home and he’s going to show off how he solved the Rubik’s cube.  That’s just wrong. 

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Early Gift Syndrome

Every time my birthday or Christmas comes around, I end up getting at least one gift early.  Why?  because boy gets so excited and wants me to know he was ahead of the game before I started dropping the hints.  Endearing.

Today I got Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!  Watch out office, I’m going to be bringing in cupcakes for the next 2 mths! 

But back to the early gift syndrome…  After boy and I open presents, confession time starts pouring out.  I think it started with the first Christmas, he wanted Max Payne, but then Kate said he wanted No One Lives Forever, so I returned Max Payne, then boy got No One Lives Forever for Kate and I said eff it, they’re both getting No One Lives Forever b/c I didn’t feel like returning it again for Max Payne.  And I had to wait foreeevver until everyone opened their presents and they sat there with two copies of No One Lives Forever and I was so wound up from holding it in the whole time that I turned on the high pitch excited Al voice and rambled “b/c you said you wanted it then she said you didn’t then you got it for her and I had already made a big issue out of exchanging it and I really did get you what you want I just didn’t get it!” 

And then the Brother Odd gift – boy wanted the book and I was going to get him 1st edition signed.  So I put in my request to make it to boy – Odd Enough.  And then Dean Koontz went and added “Odd Enough to be Odd’s Brother” and I was so thrilled about it!  And then I had to wait foreeeever until St. Nicholas Day for the gift exchange and after a bottle of wine I was once again so wound up that I exclaimed in high pitch Al style “and he signed it and I asked him to out ‘Odd Enough’ but he improvised and put ‘Odd Enough to be Odd’s Brother’ and I thought it was so clever!”   

And today, boy came over with a wrapped present with the explanation afterward that I had mentioned the book the other day but he had the receipt ready to hand over to prove he bought it before I mentioned it.  Only he has more patience about it than I do and can contain the explanation to an indoor voice. 

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my favorite word


If you’ve seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang you’ll know why.  Gay Val Kilmer and Robert Downey, Jr.  Cracks me up every time!

Least favorite word: catechism 

it’s like a religious curse word.

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It’s the little disgusting things…

like finding marshmallows left over from Easter in my cabinet.  Yeah, I ate 1 or 5.  And I LOVED it! 

The peeps are still in my freezer.

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On Turning 26

Mid-June the Birthday countdown begins.  Because I LOVE my birthday!

But every year I think back on the year and judge who I am by the year passed.  And 24, 25 – not stellar.  Sorta stellar but not stellar.  Because that’s the way it happens.  But 26?  I’m not going to look back.  No more looking back.  Except for this brief sum up, then no more looking back.

24 – Yay! finally in publishing!  but referring once again to the influx of baked goods when things start to go bad, my trans fat intake probably rivaled my 4 yrs at college.

25 – Boy and I parted ways and I don’t know how I held it together, but I’m certain it aged me about 7 yrs.  But the job, rockin’ it.

26 – Boy and I are better than before and I can talk about the house, the dog, the garden, the lemon tree. (I can talk about it, don’t ask me for a date.)  And the job, still rockin’ it. 

Did I mention that if I can keep up whatever it is I’m doing for the next 3 weeks, when I turn 26 I’ll still be able to wear the same clothes from when I was 22?  And that alone makes 26 just fine by me.  Did I mention I plan to partake in a ginormous cupcake to celebrate?   Damn skippy I LOVE my birthday.

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Discovered while dancing around to Bowie:

The down side of the neti pot:

 Serious nasal leakage.

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Feeling a little needy

Me: “There’s realism and then there’s loving someone.”

Boy: “Yes, and I really love you.”

Me: “I hate you.”

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