Because crack is whack

So why do I feel this way? 

The ego-centric doctor who I let invade me (no, not the obgyn who didn’t believe I was a virgin until she tried to use the big clamp and then said “oh! I have to go get the smaller ones” followed by “blue-ribbon goes to you” before leaving the door wide open while I was up in stirrups.  Well duh, probably b/c when I was 19 I dressed like a whore, why else would she make such an assumption?  Indeed a bad doctor, but not the one in this case)  I went to a doctor for heart burn at age 23 and was prescribed a common daily prescription drug for it and he also suggested an upper endoscopy (colonoscopy of the mouth.)  After the endoscopy I woke up without a memory and in tears with a doctor raising his eyebrows at me for crying while I felt a like I had been date raped (i think i’m a little sensitive to the demerol.)  On my follow-up he went over what very little he found and said I was good to go.  I asked how long I was supposed to take the prescription, and he said basically forever as long as I have symptoms.  And then he turned and finally looked at me and had the nerve to ask “wait, why did you come in here?”  That’s right, he didn’t even realize that I was coming in for internal bleeding found by the referring doctor.  Did he even know what he was looking for while I was down under and he had his tools shoved down me?  Exactly.  And you’re going to prescribe a healthy 23 year old a daily pill for the rest of her life and not suggest lifestyle changes?  So I was stupid at the time for not speaking up then, but I speak up now.  I took those pills for like a week and then threw them out.  Crack is whack.

People, just take responsibility for your woes.  And don’t tease me for praising hummus, that makes me mad.


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