Learning the Belly Yelp Part Deux

Then I met boy.  And I started to laugh b/c boy is pretty damn funny.  First it started with little things – finding him putting the clothes into the wash while wearing my bra over his shirt.  (all guys don’t do that, you say?)  Then it was holding our breath along with the TV characters as they dove to save the boy underwater, to see if it was legit timing of course.  (I don’t know b/c I still can’t do it without laughing.)  Then I was able to open up about my disdain for political correctness and he laughed back.  (between the overweight, bible thumpers, and mexicans – pensacola had plenty of material to pull from)

And it wasn’t long before I was in a different room in the apartment when I heard a high, girly shrill followed by chuckles.  My heart sped up a little bit as I made my way to see what it was that caused this noise I’d never heard come from him before.  I saw him, alone in the living room, cracking up to whatever was on television.  People laugh when they are by themselves? (similar to not realizing that people listen to music when they are alone.  I can’t even make something up to justify where I got that from.)   It wasn’t just laughter that came from boy, i’d heard him laugh before.  That was the same belly yelp that I envied my sister for. 

So what’d I do?  I looked down at the dogs who didn’t care what I did as long as the attention was on them and started trying different laughs – all the while thinking about Dick Van Dyke and the chubby man floating up to the ceiling in Mary Poppins with a case of the giggles…  Retarded?  Yes.  But this is probably the best lesson I gave myself.  The dogs laughed back, I’m sure. 

Now I like it when I laugh out loud and people are surprised to know that yes, I do laugh out loud sometimes rather than just say “that’s funny” a la Mandy Moore on Scrubs (what an awakening I had after watching that).  And nothing makes me do it more than when my sister recounts how her daughter spins spins spins, then falls on the ground and groans “ooooo, my belly hurts.”  and when my sister suggests that she stop, Molly gets back up and spins spins spins and falls to the ground and groans “ooooo, my belly hurts” so my sister sits there and laughs at her.  I know that one day Molly’s going to inherit that laugh.  And I’ll be able to laugh with her, and at her when she eventually throws up from all the spinning.


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