The Neti Pot

That’s right mom, I got the Neti Pot despite your disgust over the crazed Oprah fans hurrying out to buy one and shove it up their nose.  And it is about as refreshing as coming up from a deep dive and exhaling all the water out your nose, or lying down on your side after a swim and having the water drain out of your ear onto your pillow.  And no, I didn’t get the cheap plastic one.  If I’m going to get something to shove up my nose, I at least want it to be dishwasher safe.

Does it work?  After laughing and swallowing a pot full of salt water and blowing who knows what out of my nose in trying to figure this out, when I finally got the hang of it I’d say it does its job.  Especially with all the boogies that I have to blow out right afterward.  Also, when I came home today I was thinking I’d have spend the rest of the evening waiting for the sun to set before my allergies improved.  But I decided to rinse the honker and now I am up and at ’em without a head ache. 

and I look just like the crazy lady on Oprah doing it, only with a big smile on my face.  (btw, boy refuses to come near the bathroom when I rinse, b/c douching my nasal cavaties is soooo gross.)


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