Knocked Up – scares me

Saw Knocked Up this weekend.  I really like Katherine Heigl b/c her character on Grey’s said that she nests when she gets anxious and what an enlightening little moment I had there.  It certainly explained the baked goods every weekend for the first 2 yrs after moving to California.  So I was really happy for her that she got her own movie. 

I thought it was well-written and well-cast (despite the fact that a pretty girl always ends up with the chubby guy, never the other way around.)  Paul Rudd is awesome and pulls a De Niro impression out of his ass that had me raise my eyebrows at boy as if to say where the eff did that come from?  I’d marry him. 

Here’s my issue with the movie, though.  As realistic as it is, and I applaud realism, that doesn’t mean it has to be so cynnical about relationships and marriage and kids.  Realism does not equal pessimistic.  And not being cynnical doesn’t mean it has to have a Hollywood ending.  I just thought an example of a relationship that sorta worked where neither person was psycho would have been nice. 

In any case, be prepared for the birthing Va-jay-jay shot that sneaks up on you.  That’s realism.

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