Early Gift Syndrome

Every time my birthday or Christmas comes around, I end up getting at least one gift early.  Why?  because boy gets so excited and wants me to know he was ahead of the game before I started dropping the hints.  Endearing.

Today I got Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!  Watch out office, I’m going to be bringing in cupcakes for the next 2 mths! 

But back to the early gift syndrome…  After boy and I open presents, confession time starts pouring out.  I think it started with the first Christmas, he wanted Max Payne, but then Kate said he wanted No One Lives Forever, so I returned Max Payne, then boy got No One Lives Forever for Kate and I said eff it, they’re both getting No One Lives Forever b/c I didn’t feel like returning it again for Max Payne.  And I had to wait foreeevver until everyone opened their presents and they sat there with two copies of No One Lives Forever and I was so wound up from holding it in the whole time that I turned on the high pitch excited Al voice and rambled “b/c you said you wanted it then she said you didn’t then you got it for her and I had already made a big issue out of exchanging it and I really did get you what you want I just didn’t get it!” 

And then the Brother Odd gift – boy wanted the book and I was going to get him 1st edition signed.  So I put in my request to make it to boy – Odd Enough.  And then Dean Koontz went and added “Odd Enough to be Odd’s Brother” and I was so thrilled about it!  And then I had to wait foreeeever until St. Nicholas Day for the gift exchange and after a bottle of wine I was once again so wound up that I exclaimed in high pitch Al style “and he signed it and I asked him to out ‘Odd Enough’ but he improvised and put ‘Odd Enough to be Odd’s Brother’ and I thought it was so clever!”   

And today, boy came over with a wrapped present with the explanation afterward that I had mentioned the book the other day but he had the receipt ready to hand over to prove he bought it before I mentioned it.  Only he has more patience about it than I do and can contain the explanation to an indoor voice. 


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