Signs I’m not ready to commit

Boy was eating chips and I asked him to save me some.  So he left me the crumbs – crumbs I couldn’t get into the bean dip.  So I stuck my finger in the bean dip and then rolled my finger in the crumbs and repeated until all the crumbs were gone.  I looked up and boy was looking at me like I had just dirty sanchezed the tostido bag.  It was my bean dip at my apartment!  I don’t care if he’ll never eat out of it again.

And then I said I was going to blog about it.

And the he mocked my blogging!

But I’m not allowed to say anything b/c my birthday was beautiful. 

It was indeed, but now it’s over.


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One response to “Signs I’m not ready to commit

  1. Boy shouldn’t mock you for blogging.

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