These things that I do

I’m at BlogHer ’07 in Chicago.  Marketing away.  And sometimes marketing can be an introvert’s nightmare.  But it doesn’t help that I’ve already mistaken someone from a PR agency as being a representative of Entenmann’s baked goods b/c frankly it sounded close to Entenmenn’s and the person said they had a personal food blog and, well, I was a bit flustered in a large group of people.

Then I giggled at a woman who seemed to be making a distraught face while texting with her shoulders shrugged way up to her ears.  I thought she was just stressed and squinting to see her text screen – until she walked away and I could see as she walked away this was her permanent stature.  I know, I’m going to political correctness hell.  But it gets worse.

I mistook a black woman who made a great comment in a session for another black woman that came up to the booth later.  Yes, because they were both black.  And I am still trying to sort this one out in my head, desparately trying to think what sessions I am confusing where they both made great comments, but I just can’t. 

And I do these things.  Like asking the people who work upstairs in Pfeiffer if that was the same people who make my listerine.  No, that would be pfizer and why exactly would they work in a publishing office? 

But it’s okay.  I forgive myself because it’s not intentional.  And I’m the only one who matters here.


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