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the agony of silence

After coming back on Friday I refused to get online, call anyone, do anything.  I just wanted to stay outside and keep my tan strong as long as I could.  Honestly, watching a 2 yr old do laps around the kitchen while another 2 yr old attacks you with an oven mitt like it’s the funniest thing in the world is what life is about.  Seriously, why would I want to talk to adults after that?  

Today, having broken the relaxed glow I’ve maintained the past week by going to work, and then home, I’m so sad!  Why?  because I don’t have anyone to run up to and yell “blah!” in their face and have them run off giggling.  Even boy entertains me on that one.  And now he’s back at work after a month off.

I have toddler fever.  I need to get a dog.  or maybe steal an asian toddler… 


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