Bring it on big, bad, buggy world

When I fist moved into my studio, my first single apartment, I had a very bad encounter with a spider.  I saw it in the bathroom, I rushed for a flip-flop to smush it, danced around from foot to foot nervous.  It jumped, I screamed, I continued to prance around.  And then I gave in.  I sat down and cried because a spider skittered along into my closet and I was scared.

A year later, coming up from the sink after washing my face, a big dark spot on the wall caught my attention.  Bug.  I stayed calm, toweled off my face, moisturized, and watched the dark spot move up the wall.  I calmly reached for some toilet paper and in one swoop – smush and flush!

and flush again for good measure.

Bring it.



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2 responses to “Bring it on big, bad, buggy world

  1. boy

    If it was a ginger-bug you may need to flush a third time. They tend to reappear in the bathroom area if you’re not vigilant.

  2. themostpositiveone

    Reading this made ma laugh but at the same time made me think about my last encounter with a spider which climbed in my bed.

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