The Long Night

In one weekend I went from being a single gal to having a toddler.  Late Friday night was spent running back and forth making a fool of myself alongside a busy road enthusiastically exclaiming “c’mon!  you want to poop!  pee on the pole!  Let’s run around to work it out!” And it was then that I realized having a puppy may not end up attracting guys like I thought it might.  Especially with ex-boy standing about 25 feet away so as not to be associated with the crazy girl who may at any point drop her pants to show the puppy how it’s done. 

So now the bonding weekend is over.  He knows where his food comes from.  (and hopefully he doesn’t know that I left him alone for an hour panicking over the fact I have someone in my life that needs me, and I’m not ready to be so needed by anyone.  With that out of the way, comes the hard part – ignoring him. 

He’s a rescue puppy, so odds are he was abused at some point.  He freaks out when strangers approach, but huge dog the size of a horse – no worries.  A stranger sitting down to approach him at eye level and oh my god I have to back up and pull out of the collar and take off running and yes, the busy street is safer than next to a human.  So now that I’ve earned his trust, why do I have to ignore him?  Because now if I leave him for a few minutes, he thinks I have abandoned him for life. 

So for the past hour he has been in his crate and I haven’t even turned to face him.  And just knowing how insecure he is, I feel like I’m the cruelest person in the world.  He finally settled down which means he realizes he’s safe even when I’m not paying attention.  So it’s a positive.  But I can’t even offer praise for that.  I know, I’m the meanest person ever.  Just add this to your list, (those of you who have the list going.)  And he has 30 minutes to eat or no food at all.  And no begging.  Oh, don’t even mention the vegetarian dog treats.  (you know, I can get away with not touching the food, but really, I carry the treats around in my pocket.  I don’t want to be touching chicken liver.  On the other hand, I smother my own face in peanut butter, so why not do the same to the puppy?) 

And knowing that he can feel safe when I’m not in my apartment?  That’s a reward to both of us.  It’s about time the puppy feel secure.  So even if he whines tonight because he can’t curl up between me and the wall, learning to feel safe away from me is more important. 

By the way, his name is Jack. 



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2 responses to “The Long Night

  1. Katherine

    Awww… you’re so good to be doing this now! He’s going to be so much happier because of it. He’ll be comforted to know he’s got a pack leader to look to. For away all day, fill a Kong toy with peanut butter and pop it in the freezer overnight. That is at least four hours of entertainment right there. Dogs go nuts for it.

    Jack is cute! Please don’t ever put shoes on him like they do in the West Village!

  2. Stick it out! You are doing the right thing. Dogs and humans are not anything alike – it’s a human instinct to want to grab the dogs and smother them with hugs and kisses. Dogs on the other hand aren’t into that. At all. And I still do it – 6 fosters and my own rescue Bella later. You will eventually have 110% of his trust.

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