Ex-boy and I have done some really mean things to each-other and anyone can take a hand at weighing sides.  But we worked it out, we’re friends.  He helps with Jack.  He helps me lift heavy furniture.  He even helps open the occasional jar of peaches when I go to him as an absolute last resort. 

And it took me one friendship gone sour and a persistent ex-boy to figure out the signs of something genuine.  And I’m glad it happened – not that I was mean to ex-boy, can’t say those days were my most proud – but that he walked me through the logic of it all. 

Someone who knows this situation too well from the other side mentioned it being like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  There are things I wish I could erase, but nothing with ex-boy.  There’s the telltale.


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2 responses to “Telltale

  1. I don’t want to want to erase it. I just don’t know how to cope with the constant pain – it wears on a person. But your situation gives me hope we can work it out, and can be friends. And hope that I won’t want to erase our time together. Maybe just not today or tomorrow.

  2. I probably should have prefaced this by saying the sour relationship right after boy – I wish I could erase it. Especially when staying friends is not an option. That’s the telltale for something not genuine.

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