Midnight showdown

Jack and I have a snugly bedtime routine.  Usually he curls up next to me or on me and nods off before I cradle him up and tuck him in for the night.  And when I say tuck him in, I mean for the past week and a half after I tuck him in he doesn’t even budge to change position.  All night.  The pup sleeps like a rock.  I was almost worried our 3.5 mile morning jogs followed by the same distance at a casual saunter in the evenings were too much for the guy.  This is what cuddly Jack is usually like:


Up until last night.  Last night Jack turned into a terrible 2 yr old toddler in the midst of teething fangs.  After threading out booda, he finished off monkey sock puppet, tried to move onto flip flop but ended up digesting a pseudo-bacon bone that usually lasts him all day.  So he hopped up on the couch and tried to tear at the pillow before I put his bed down, cradled him up and plopped him on it all the while thinking I will have the last word after tuck in time, he knows not to mess with bed time.  So I walked around, got ready for bed and turned the lights out.

But no, he wasn’t done being terrible yet.  Jack got up from his bed, walked up to the side of the bed by my head, and stared straight at me.  I stared back, naively thinking if I don’t do anything he’ll think I’m asleep and go back to bed, even though I’m staring right back.  Right.  Then I watched as Jack backed his ass up with his tail whipping in circles like a toy car winding up before take off.  And he charged – right at my head.  I jerked up before the mutt could pounce my face. 

I was in shock, all I could do was shoo him off the bed and call ex-boy and say “why?  what have I done?  why is he acting out?”  And of course I was laughed at. 

But I had my revenge.  Come 6 AM I dragged Jack off his bed – he is not a morning pup.  He yawned, stretched, found his way back to bed.  But I grabbed his collar, hooked him up to the leash and dragged him behind me for 3.5 miles around the lake.  And when we got back inside and I knelt down to unleash him, he let out a belch that reeked of pseudo-bacon bone.  He hopped up on the couch and was very cuddly up until I left for work.  Now we’ll see how many more midnight showdowns we’ll have.

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