I’ve got an insane rememory.  I remember where the crib was placed in my childhood room because I know I used to stand up in it and try and look out the door.  I remember the patterns of the dresses I used to wear all the time.  What I used to eat in preschool for lunch, the arrangement of the classes in elementary school, the images on the posters in the class, the pattern of that old brown and beige rocking chair that used to be in the living room, the speech someone forgot to say to me to make me feel better before I left for Paris, and the road I was driving on and where we were going and what everyone was wearing when someone kept going on and on in a Sean Connery accent…

So it’s driving me nuts that ex-boy asked what plate it was I dropped at Thanksgiving.  Because I know the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of all the people I told I dropped a plate.  And he is not on that list.  It’s been 3 wks now that this has stewed in my head and I can’t figure out where or how he would have known.  And after 6 years, he should know I don’t let things like this slide by…



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4 responses to “Suspicious

  1. boy

    I present IM records from Thanksgiving Day –

    First drop:
    [10:45] phoenixwhisker: ok
    [10:45] phoenixwhisker: firstly
    [10:45] phoenixwhisker: I just walked outside and the entire casserole hit the driveway
    [10:45] phoenixwhisker: secondly we shook some more onions on top and delivered it

    Second drop:
    [12:26] phoenixwhisker: i dropped another plate
    [12:26] phoenixwhisker: i need to just not help out

    An apology is in order. And I rest my case.

  2. And it took 2 mths of nagging and a blog post just to get it out of you.

    My apologies.


  3. boy

    Wow… 2 months huh? Time sure runs differently in your world Al. Nov 22nd to Dec 17th is less than a month here on Earth. What color is your sky? Do dogs fly there too? Are belches considered compliments to the chef? Do bumbles bounce?

  4. and I repeat:
    The sky is fantasmagorical in color.
    Dogs do fly, on smiles, not wings.
    Belches = I love you.
    and Bumbles bounce. and put stars on tall christmas tress.

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