clipped too soon

When I first got Jack he peed like a girl, squatting really low to the ground and kind of shaking.  Gradually he moved up to lifting his leg and doing so very unsteadily.  And then he started to mark his spot on our walks, which I encouraged with saying stuff like “who’s my little man, good job.”  He once fell into a thorny blackberry bush while peeing which led to an awkward conversation with a man beginning with “why is your do walking like that?”  But overall, he’s figuring out how to pee like a man. 

I think it started with the mistake of letting him sleep in bed with me.  So now every night prior to falling asleep I get a 25lb slam against my side.  And if I move in the middle of the night, I get another 25lb slam as he finds my side again.  And when I wake up he’s slammed me over to the edge of the bed.   Then he started thinking my bed was his bed and he would growl when I moved or cower back to the bed to show that he hates the 6 am run.  Now when I approach directly he rolls over, belly-up, and sprays. 

And this habit has extended to anything he doesn’t want to do – put on a harness, go into the kitchen, get off the couch, stop chewing the table leg…  He’s a little puss.  And I’m not raising my voice, just usually pushing him in a general direction or picking him up and moving him to where he’s allowed, and on comes the spray. 

I’ve made him into a momma’s boy and I have to stop it before I lose my apartment deposit to his tinkle issues.  Little puss needs his balls back so he can toughen up.


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