Grateful for self-check out

when trying out something trendy from Skinny Bitch requires going to the store and buying a laxative tea called “smooth move.”

a time I really needed self-check out:

3 years ago when I asked ex-boy if he needed anything from Target and he replied with a very sad face “preparation H.”

(Once upon a time, I was the best girlfriend ever.)



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3 responses to “Grateful for self-check out

  1. boy

    Really? That’s a better example than the time you needed/wanted the *#$%@!?
    Not that I’m denying it happened… I’m sitting at work all day long!

  2. and that little edit right there is why I didn’t include that one. I will mention that it was something so very embarassing that I hid it in my sleeve and there was a group of frat boys behind me that late night at the store and I slipped it to the cashier and she took pity with the fastest swipe and swoop into a paper bag. I could have hugged her…. man, now i’m remembering the poop in the bag. I’m going to have write about the poop in the bag.

  3. Katherine

    Damn campus safety and their parking enforcement! I think by that point you were nearly bottomed out on the dignity scale. The poop in the bag… good times.

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