it’s a time of year thing (warning, there’s a bit of whine in this)

It lasts generally around the end of January until end of April.  I can’t stand this time of year.  With the holidays gone and all the reason to celebrate gone, I search endlessly for ways to celebrate something.  So I end up doing silly things like buying all those Little Debbie heart-shaped cakes that come out for Valentine’s Day and eating through the box even though it tastes like a spoonful of sugar and flavor extract.  Between January and April I usually go to craft stores and Ikea and buy everything pastel and I eat my way up the scale until May hits and I can go play outside in the sun again and I wonder what I was thinking during those past few months that had me sitting on the couch unmotivated and not excited by anything.

For the moment what’s got me is the short-term crappiness that is out-weighing the long-term goals.  I am pretty sure I’m the oldest one in my class and likely the only full-time employed person.  And my what was at first a charming little apartment has turned into a thin-walled trap were my bird of paradise was tossed out by the landlord and my upstairs night-shift neighbor is a trashy sex-fiend (it’s a combination of hearing her or her dog who usually barks during it.  someone needs to rescue that dog and my ceiling from being ruined with swiffer marks.)  So I pay $925 a month for a place that lacks adequate seating to have a place to store stuff in between sitting on ex-boy’s couch.  So no one better complain that I’m not going back to Louisiana anytime soon to visit because it has been almost 2 years that I’ve lived by myself and I don’t have a chair, my bed is also my couch made of foam, and my landlord cuts my heat off between 8am-5pm and 10pm-6am (is that even legal?)  By June.  I will have a frigging chair.  (just a note that I said the same thing last year but then decided to go back to school.  Alas, no chair and all of Spring ’08 has been dedicated to finding a way to pay for school.  but i need a chair!)

Wishing I could fast forward to Easter.

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