sort of a plug, but a well-earned one

Ex-boy has always been a good writer.  I think the first sign of a good writer is never lacking for interesting plot.  He has stories up the wazoo thought through from beginning to end with the rough descriptives left to be filled in   Here’s an example of  his creative non-ficiton from a long time ago:

In August he started doing short news pieces for a film web site.  Later this month he’ll be covering Wonder Con for the site.  (I’d explain what it is, but it’s a whole lot of comic/film geekery that makes some boys get all wet in the pants, but in the end is kind of cool b/c of random celebs and insider things.)  So he’s keeping his fingers and toes crossed that he’ll get to suck face with a celebrity from his “list” but I just want to say that I’m happy for him.  He’s putting himself out there and that’s not easy.

(and i’ll just remind him that he owes me one based on the true story of me coming back after a hike and rushing to the bathroom where shortly after pulling down my pants a lady bug crawled along the edge of my jeans as if it had been hiding somewhere I can’t imagine it would reside comfortably but really it was probably just hanging out on my jeans somewhere.  Oh how a boy’s imagination can fly and turn it into a colony of insects that lives in my bajango.  I’m hoping it has a deep metaphor about our relationship.)


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  1. Mom

    I got lost in the feeling. I can see how that would cause vegitarianism.

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