an e-mail from my best friend (my extroverted doppleganger):

I will call you as soon as I have a chance to talk, but I wanted to tell you that my parents are probably getting a divorce. I know, it’s weird. I mean, it doesn’t surprise me, but I just never thought it would happen. And it will probably be ugly, too. I mean, when you’ve been married for 28 years and hate each other as much as they have grown to hate each other and run a business together (that is owned by the mother-in-law), things aren’t going to be pretty.
Also, my sister had to go to the ER a week ago Friday. She had a seizure from detoxing – she was up to 20 loratabs a day. Then, after being at the hospital with her all night, then bringing her home, I found out Saturday that [husband] had relapsed, too. So my life has been quite wonderful lately!!!!! [husband] is okay now. I hadn’t gone very far and I am not angry with him. It started right when his parents moved. He has a hard time dealing with life sometimes, so he resorts back to his old ways – I mean, his parents have been living on that piece of property for his entire life – he’s never known them to be anywhere else, so it was very weird for him. We had kind of been a little distanced lately and now I know why! But now that it’s all out and he’s not taking the pills anymore, we’re ok.
My sister on the other hand, has way more of a struggle. But with my mom giving her alcohol and my dad smoking weed with her, it’s no wonder that she’s had such a hard time staying clean. But she’s away from them now. She works out of town and when she comes in on weekends, she stays with us. She is trying and as long as she’s trying, I will be there for her. We are all each other has because we sure and the hell don’t have parents. When I find out more about their situation, I will let you know.
How is everything with you?
And she asks how things are with me…

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