I’m a huge proponent of talking through goals with other people. One, because talking falls in line with visualizing – it’s one step closer to making it happen. You’re less likely to not follow through with things you’re telling people you’d like to do. (and on a side note, I hesitate around people who don’t share goals and aspirations. there seems to be something off about that.) Second, you never know who can help you out, so why not just tell everyone and see what happens.

I’ve felt pretty stagnant lately and the idea of re-committing to my goals has been pestering me. I always tend to ask people around me in class what they’re doing here when a free moment allows. Today I started talking, and the conversation unexpectedly led toward me feeling a sense of re-commitment. It’s a good feeling. I feel I have more options alongside of feeling proud of what I currently do.

I like it when unselfish people surface in a sea of ego.


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