it’s sweet, in a “i like to lick your feet” sort of way

It has been 4 months since I got Jack.  And as he sits here and stares at me while I type, I realize how odd it is that in such a short time this puppy has changed my day-to-day life so much.  I have no problem getting up to run 3.5 miles every morning and then walking it again in the afternoon because it’s for him more than it is for me.  He lays across my books when I study on the couch and and he lays across my feet when I sit at the computer.  In public places he crawls behind my legs to sit and watch people.  He’s so excited to see me in the evenings that he tinkles.  No other boy ever gets that excited to see me…

But there’s this weird attachment thing he has going.  I would suspect it’s an Aussie Cattle dog trait, like a sign of sincere loyalty to the owner.  He licks, everything.  And since he has this sandpaper tongue, he can disintegrate whatever he is licking in a matter of minutes.  But lately, his choice lick is the carpet.  I couldn’t figure out what the pleasure in licking was b/c his eyes kind of glaze over and relax when he does it.  But after giving is some thought, I think the reason is a little gross.

My hair has grown longer and the one drawback to long hair is that it is more obvious how much I shed.  I hate walking around barefoot and getting long blond strands wound up around my toes.  It really grosses me out.  When I wash my hair, I run my fingers through it to pull out all the loose strands and pile them on the shower wall so they don’t clog the drain and so I can easily throw it out.  I frequently wipe up all the hair off the sink basin and bathroom floor because having hair everywhere makes me gag.  And I think Jack licks anywhere he finds my hair as a sign of affection.  He’d sit and lick my bare feet all day if I didn’t stop him (see? sweet at first, but really, it’s a dog, licking your feet, it’s gross.)  So the next best thing, licking strands of my hair off the bed and floor.  That is until the long strands get digested and come out the other end.  Yup, just gross all around. 

Ex-boy won’t let Jack lick him at all while I occasionally stick a hand out and let Jack go nuts until he falls asleep.  But Jack also doesn’t find ex-boy’s feet as a place to rest his butt when nothing interesting is going on.  I think their relationship suffers for it when they get into tiffs over sharing the bed or play-biting or the fact that Jack burps after he eats and ex-boy thinks it’s sooo disgusting and I give Jack accolades over eating his food (he was so scrawny and wouldn’t eat when I first got him!)  In any case, while it’s yucky weird, it’s also sort of sweet if Jack is indeed purposefully finding my hair to eat off the carpet.  No, see, reading that sentence I’m back to it being freakish….



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3 responses to “it’s sweet, in a “i like to lick your feet” sort of way

  1. boy

    Jack’s burps aren’t disgusting, they’re kinda funny. The foam that appears on his bottom lip after he enjoys some serious ass-munching, now that’s disgusting.
    While your hair-licking theory is interesting, I don’t accept it. Mostly because he spends almost as much time licking wood as he does carpet. Cute little bisexual pup that he is…
    And I’ve tinkled for you before out of excitement. And that one time by request, remember? Heck, I’m tinkling as I type this.

  2. Mom

    Pleeeease…children!!! Mom is watching, or reading.

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