makes me sad

I love this time of year when fruit starts to come back in season and I tend to go a bit overboard on it.  But there is one fruit that escapes my enjoyment.  And it’s my favorite.  And it makes me sad.  Every year since high school I try to eat a mango.  And the best part about enjoying a mango is that I take it up right from the peel and pretty much smash my face into the fruit while I eat it because I have no self control.  And it’s best enjoyed this way.  I stand over the sink and let all the mango juice run down my chin and I eat the whole thing then pick up the seed and pick off the remaining bits around it.

But I’m allergic to mangoes.  And I have been since high school.  I gather it’s mostly from the peel since I can eat pre-cut pre-packaged mango, but there’s no enjoyment in that.  So I try to eat a mango every year to see if perhaps the allergy has just disappeared.  And every year I am fortunate I keep a bottle of steroid medicine on hand once the effects start to kick in.  It’s risky, but mangoes are worth it.  Maybe next year…


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