What’s yours?

I hear this every day.  I can’t make it around the lake without hearing it.  And this is what they’re asking about:day-before-easter-and-katherine-jed-080.jpg

I have no idea what he is.  I usually answer “mutt.”  The only known is that he’s red heeler / Aussie cattle dog.  He has the markings of a beagle, the stature of a whippet, and more than 5 people have said he trots like a hyena.  (Including the creepy dude that had to mention he has seen hyenas in Africa and can verify that he does move like one.) 

I had 3 criteria for a dog, I wanted a hiking partner, a running partner, and a Frisbee dog.  I used to threaten ex-boy that these things combined would make for some serious competition for the main man in my life.  And Jack has 2.5 down.  (he’s a bit of a poser with the Frisbee, he loves trotting around with the disc in his mouth covering his entire face and he knows how to retrieve the Frisbee, but going for it mid-air, he’s got some coordination kinks we’re working on…)

I thought about having the $75 breed DNA test done, but he’s probably a compilation of more than 2 breeds in which the accuracy drops from 75% to 45%.  Not worth it.

But what is worth it is that he makes strangers smile.  (and scares away poets.)


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2 responses to “What’s yours?

  1. He’s Jack 🙂 I would not have pure-bred dogs if they weren’t all rescues but I have to admit I enjoy watching the biology of their breed at work every day. They don’t catch Frisbees, or fetch. But they do protect their herd, give pyr hugs (where they put their largeness on you – paws on shoulders) and Bella is at my side whenever I am home.

  2. I agree about the biology part. It’s the only aspect of breeding that makes sense to me, watching a working dog do what they were bred to do is pretty awesome. When Jack herds cows, he trots back with the biggest smile on his face despite the fact he barely missed a hoof to the head. And nothing compares to a herding dog’s loyalty – especially the rescues.

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