the truth about celery

I’ve only snuggled up to 2 men in my life, and the only commonality between the 2 has been the faint smell of celery.  This caught me by surprise at first, I thought it was just one person’s unique smell.  But when after writing this about wearing boys dirty shirts b/c they smell like celery and this somehow relaxes me, a colleague mentioned that she’s heard this before.  I admit, I didn’t believe her.  Then I found this in Men’s Health:

The Celery Seduction

Forget about all those pheromone sprays that are supposed to attract women. Researchers looking for a real turn-on tonic have focused on the potent male hormone androsterone, which is also found in celery. They believe androsterone is released through perspiration after eating. Your partner may not actually smell it on you, but because androsterone is thought to attract females, don’t be surprised if she snuggles up real close. Even if you don’t get lucky, keep in mind that you’re eating a low-calorie, fiber-rich food that helps clean your teeth and freshen your breath. Not a bad deal either way.

So, I’m not just some weird girl attracted to men who smell like celery.  No wonder wearing boys shirts relaxes me, it’s apparently one step away from getting laid.


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2 responses to “the truth about celery

  1. What – didn’t believe me? 🙂

  2. eric

    odd. I just noticed the strong odor on myself after a long night without a shower… definitely celery like. I was googling more for a medical symptom, but that’s pretty interesting. It’s not repugnant at all like B.O, just strange.

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