i just got gossip-booked

Yeah, I’m on facebook.  Because I’m a marketer and the whole social media networking world is the place to be.  But I’m just a dabbler.  I sign up and just snoop around in other people’s profiles and toy with the applications so I know what people are referring to in conversation.  I’m not a great networker, mainly because i’m a total introvert and shy away from that kind of thing, but I have a presence. 

I receive application invites from those people who have graffiti’d pages.  Some I ignore, some I take just for fun, others confuse me because of weird in between pop-ups.  The latest one I did was a comparison test between friends.  Now, some of the people I have friended I don’t really know at all.  And then it kept asking would I date this person?  And yeah right.  I don’t want to date my manager.  Or my other manager, or my boyfriend’s uncle, or the friend of an ex-boyfriend.  Half-way in I realized this was a mistake.  I have no idea in what feed this will get published and I raced through it, skipped over half the q’s, and did I actually just click yes I would date this person by accident?  Crap. 

A day later I get a report back from the application in my inbox.  I open it to find this:


Your friends have voted on your strengths and weaknesses:

STRENGTHS: most absentee, most generous, toughest

WEAKNESSES: most creative, merriest

And because I was that over-sensitive girl in high school that never quite fit into a group and I’m still bitter about that whole prom experience, my first response was, “What?!  I hate you all!”

And then I realized, hey, it’s facebook.  Despite however professional these networks claim to be, someones always going to ruin it with the popularity contest.  And i’ve got a curtain to embroider, so I simply have no time for these shenanigans.

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