conversation running dry

I think the only thing I will take away from lab this semester is a total infatuation with ferns and conifers.  And of course when I get excited about something it’s really hard for me to hide it.  I’ve lectured many a people on the beauty of ferns.  And I have a pine cone that I set on the heater to open up sitting in my kitchen, simply because it looks neat. 

Tonight me, boy, and a friend had dinner, and we each worked today and were pretty worn out.  So I started talking about ferns.  And cones.  And I go on and on and on.  And work myself up into an excited fern and cone lecture only to have my friend smile at me at the end and say “yeah, you’ve told me this already.” 

So in the car coming home I’m kind of bummed that I’ve spread the word about ferns and conifers to everyone I know and I have no one else to tell it to, but I thought it was funny that my friend let me tell the whooole thing over again before stopping me.  Then he said “you know, no one cares about ferns and cones.  They just let you talk away because you get really excited when you talk about it.”

Even if it’s not true, it was sweet.  No less embarrassing, but sweet.



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2 responses to “conversation running dry

  1. Mom

    It’s hereditary. I got so excited when the top of my pineapple I stuck in a pot actually produced a pineapple. Now I’m all excited about my avocado that I grew from a pit has buds. (I know this is common in CA, but not in LA) So go on about ferns and cones, it’s the beauty of nature. Love:o)

  2. I know exactly how you feel. When I was at Public Works, one of the greatest achievements I knew was visiting the Wastewater Treatment Plant and learning how raw sewage is removed from water. I wanted to tell everyone I knew about the headwaters and bio-roughing towers and how amazing it was, but all they seemed to focus on is that I walked through water that had once been in someone’s toilet. : )

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