a little sweaty

I told boy if he paid for my trip to Spain, I will do this hike with him. Just watching it makes my palms start to sweat followed by a rush of dizzy at certain points throughout the hike. While I’m not afraid of heights, I am scared of cliff-sides. Falling off cliff-sides to be exact. I have a habit of finding news stories about people falling off the Grand Canyon, sliding down Half Dome in Yosemite and 22 year olds falling off cliff-sides in Marin County and e-mailing them to boy as if to say “it happens.” Because sometimes I think he thinks he’s stonger than he is and when he flails down a steep hill in Point Reyes unable to stop laughing hysterically and bowling me over to try and use me to slow him down, well, I get a little worried. And me, well, I tend to sit on my butt and slide down steep hills and I’ve done this ever since I learned my lesson at the ripe age of 3 and slid down my grandparents’ stairs only to bust my head open (i think there’s video of my most recent ass-sliding down a hill somewhere.) And i’m worried, because I think boy is now planning our next trip to Spain.


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