Pet Camp

I just got off the phone to confirm my reservation with Pet Camp for Jack.  And while I am sure they get this a lot, I must have sounded like a freak:

“Can he bring his blanket and his activity ball?  Can you feed him through his activity ball?  He gets treats daily in his kong?  He has a bizzy bone scheduled on Tuesday?  Can you schedule “The Works” bath prior to pick up?” 

Yeeeah, it’s no wonder that during yesterday’s brunch when someone came up and asked if anyone is a mom my friend pointed to me.

I was really stressed about leaving Jack for a week.  Not just because it costs a lot of money to board a dog, but he has made so much progress since November that I’d never put him in a place where I think he may regress.  I decided that if I’m going to be on vacation, Jack deserves the same.  So Pet Camp it is.  We went for a tour a while back and no one flinched when Jack became stressed and yapped.  In fact the guy that gave us the tour was infatuated with Jack (people tend to either adore him or are completely indifferent.)  He has 2 hour play sessions each day and I requested he be with the big dogs.  He gets circulated air, daily kong treats, a frozen peanut butter kong in the middle of his stay, and he gets to bring his blanket from home to sleep on.  And they actually compost the dog poop. 

They post pics daily, so next week I’ll be looking for him here.  And everyone else should too because I just know when I go to drop him off Saturday morning I will be racing to lab to take my final most likely in tears.  Where I go, Jack goes.  He’s by my side in the passenger seat or laying on the ground by my feet most of the time.  I know as soon as I hit the beach I won’t be thinking of him, but until then I will be packing his dog bag and checking the reservation and e-mailing his emergency contact and all those other mom concerns that you don’t think of until you experience doggy parenthood.


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3 responses to “Pet Camp

  1. You aren’t crazy. Or else we both are. I am the same way. I still hate leaving my girls for any length of time and they go to a place not unlike Pet Camp – an amazing place called The Barkalounge – And I still leave horribly detailed 2-page instructions even though the owner knows Bella and Jo as well as her own dogs. You can even see them playing sometimes on the webcams:

    You will have such a better time on vaca knowing your baby is being well cared for!

  2. Do let me know how this little adventure goes.

    Mike and I are supposed to be going camping with his family in early June, and since we’re staying in cabins, no puppies allowed. We think we’re going to have to board them, and I’m already about in tears wondering if they’ll be OK. It’s bad enough when I travel, and Mike’s still around, but we’ve never both been away at once.

    I’ll definitely check out Katie’s Barkalounge lead – if she trusts them with Bella and Jo, I’d feel much better about leaving the Disaster Twins there. : )

  3. Brigitte (the owner) is wonderful Kelly! She does it because she loves dogs and employs people who love dogs. It’s not close to you guys (southside) but the drive is well worth it! I still hate leaving my girls – even if I am going on a vacation. Actually I’ll make a confession – vacations away are slightly less fun now because I miss them so badly.

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