Sharing Art

Back when boy and I shared an abode, finding art work that wasn’t too frilly (like my favorite orchid prints) or too boyish (see below) that we could hang in the living room was always a challenge.  One artist we agreed on is Michael Sowa.  He did the goose and the dog prints from the movie Amelie and I fell in love with them.  I have the dog print, which boy ended up getting in the split, but I still like his work and want to get more of his flying pig stuff.


But as my undeniable love of geekboys would have it, I am pretty sure this one will eventually make it’s way into a very public space (courtesy of

No one wants to play Sega with Harrison Ford.



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One response to “Sharing Art

  1. jamileena

    I love the Sowa paintings…the dog’s expression looks like my old puppy, Lenny, who I lovingly call “Pig”. Ive always loved the Diving Pig painting. Do you know the Dancing Bears by William H. Beard? I love that one too…the colors in the forest remind me of the landscape in the Pig painting.
    Thanks for sharing!

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