This drives boy nuts.  And it cracks me up.  When Jack and I are in the car, which is often b/c where I go he goes, we howl.  It started with me trying to teach Jack to say “ruh roh!”  and he was getting it too, I swear.  But then I remembered when I first got him and I would nervously stand outside my door after I left him  and his separation anxiety would express itself in a whimpering howl that drove my neighbors crazy.  It took months to break this habit.  But in the car, no one’s around to listen.  So I start to howl, he starts to whimper, I keep howling until my voice cracks and Jack lifts his head, puckers his mouth and howls a long sorrowful howl that’s so cute I could just cuddle him up and put him in a doggie bjorn and walk around the proudest mother ever.  It gets a little tricky at stop lights with the windows down and people staring, but I’ve already made such a fool out of myself raising this dog, I may as well do it and get some personal entertainment from it.


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