drop off

yeah, I know, I’m stuck on this whole boarding thing.  but it’s a big deal!

When we got out of the car he started to howl at the sound of the dogs and when we reached the front desk and the woman was getting his collar ready I just stood there and the tears started coming.  Of course Jack caught on and was like what the hell, mom?  And so I put his tags on him and off he went like “woohoo, goin’ play with the dogs!” while I stood there and cried while the lady reassured me he’d be fine.  So what’d I do?  I got in the car and called my mom.

And I don’t know why but it seems like I can always hold back the big sobs on most things until I call my mom.  When she gets on the phone I usually lose it and start the very unpretty cry.  I was so flustered I got lost somewhere by the ball park trying to find the god-dammed bay bridge on-ramp (seriously, every time.)  And I should just get a shirt to wear to all my classes that has “EMOTIONALLY FRAGILE” written across the front b/c I showed up for my lab final puffy eyed and determined to get rock the exam because I’ve been up late all week studying my ass off while sweating through this odd 100 degree heat wave forcing myself to maintain focus and not drift off in the heat fuzziness.  And thank god for the baseball cap I left in my car because in the emotional frazzled state I was in I lost my hair tie somewhere and driving along, sweating in the morning heat, I realized I haven’t really showered in a while because I’ve been too busy and my hair was a wavy frizz and along with my kool-aid stained face, and the minor panic when I realized I didn’t take my anti-everything pill this morning when I probably need it most, I was not a pretty site.  The funny thing is someone turned to me in class and said “I love how you stay so calm and zen about everything.”  HA!  I wanted to respond “Are you fucking kidding me?  I just lost it this morning over boarding my dog of all things and haven’t been able to keep solid food in my stomach all week and not to mention I think I have a pimple coming in on my butt, who gets pimples on their butt?!”  but instead, I just gave a grin and ducked back down beneath my hat.

So I rocked my final and keep refreshing Pet Camp play date pics because I am fighting the need to call to see if his first morning play period went okay and that if he’s not eating don’t continue to feed him through his activity ball and he can chew his blanket and I forgot to mention all these details this morning despite the fact that I was able to write up a page long e-mail to his emergency contact about the warning signs Jack gives right before he is about to spritz.  And thus begins the wind-down time before I leave for Maui where I’ll have a few de-stress tears, crash, then wake up in paradise.  And now that I think about where I shoved my other 3 bikinis far down in my closet I should remember to pack some extra razors because damn it i’m still sporting winter-wear.  Cursed bikini season.

So please be on the look out for Jack, the one with red freckles: http://www.flickr.com/photos/campercameos/



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2 responses to “drop off

  1. *enjoy* lovely maui! And don’t feel bad. I’m always way more upset when I board the dogs than they are. I’m standing in the lobby trying to kiss their heads and hug them and they are all “ok whatever – just let me go back and play.”

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Insensibility

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