there are worse things

I need to preface this a little before all those dirty minded folks get carried away.  While I’m not too keen on fashion, I do believe proper under garments are very key to any outfit.  And I don’t so much as care about what I am wearing, but I do care about having the appropriate undies on.  This also means that if I pack for, say, a 7 day trip, this requires at LEAST 10 pairs of undies.  Those are the last things you want to run out of on a trip.  And usually, when I unpack my clothes wherever I am, there’s a pile of undies that usually gets scattered about – not because it’s the first thing I take off when I come home, but because they out number the rest of the clothes I bring with me.  Now with that said…

I left a pair of undies on the bed and didn’t remember it until I came back from lunch and saw that maid service had come in to make the bed.  And when I saw how she handled it, I owe her a big tip.  She left them where they were, and made the bed with a little bump in the middle where my undies were hiding under the sheets.  I’m SO embarrassed about this.  It’s one thing to have a pile of undies on the floor, but this?  inexcusable.  And after having the conversation with boy, I’m SURE there are such worse things housekeepers find in hotel rooms.  And while boy doesn’t understand the whole concept of tipping housekeeping because it’s there job to do what they do, it’s not their job to maneuver around my undies just to make the bed.  That’s not any one’s job…  So instead of an apology, I’m leaving money. 


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