panic in the water and eating cheese

Quick update: my grandmother is finally out of ICU, but still not in great shape, although getting better.  So thanks for those that kept her in their thoughts.

I’ve been going to the beach every summer since as long as I can remember.  And there are only 2 times that I have ever panicked in the water.  Once when I was little I got caught in the undertoad and pulled under into a wave and washed up on shore completely disoriented.  I think my grandfather has it on video, just a black spot pulled under into the wave.  I made my way to my mom and my brothers were giggling and when she asked if I was okay I burst into tears. 

The second time was yesterday morning.  It was our last snorkel before leaving and the day before the currents against the rocks were pretty strong.  On Saturday, the currents were equally as bad and the visibility was bad as well.  Snorkeling along, I couldn’t tell if the coral was right in front of my face and how high it was and the current was threatening to slam me in that direction.  Also, boy prefers going under the belly-scraping shallow parts rather than the 30 feet deep areas where the true predators are.  Me, I don’t mind hanging out at the deep edge rather than get slammed into a rock.  I followed him through a few belly-scraping channels before going through one where I was caught in a current and had to wait for a wave to come before swimming through and I freaked.  We got into deeper water and I popped my head up and said “i want to go back i want to go back now.”  Boy stayed behind me because in the panic I had already followed too close and got a flipper kick under my chin and to make sure I was okay.  I high-tailed it around rocks into the deep so I could get a straight shot onto shore and my breathing through the snorkel got a little panicky.  It was scary.  But we had enough good snorkels that cutting our last one short was no big deal.

Also, I’m really glad that bad food experiences don’t make or break our trip.  I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of vegan and vegetarian dishes at local health food stores, but those times we tried to do recommended places or more main stream places it was a big flop.  I ate cheese and I haven’t eaten cheese in a while.  I took a bite of some blue cheese and man, it reminded me of when I was little and smelled limburger for the first time.  I don’t like eating cheese anymore (used to love it.)  Not only does it kill my reputation for being the fastest pooper ever (I’ve got a reputation to keep!) it just makes me feel really bloated.  I felt like I ate better just due to the heat and the amount of activities we did.  Also stayed away from coffee, and the 2 times I did drink coffee were the only times I became irritable the entire trip.  So, that’s a hint. 

I didn’t bring back gifts for anyone.  No chocolate covered macadamias, no Maui Gold pineapples, no Leis.  I’m not a souvenir person.  But I will go on and on about silverswords and Nenes and ferns and sea turtles.  My last bio lecture was about sustainability and I have been having consumption issues.  I came out of that class lecturing boy about how we really need to cut out plastic bottles from our lives and really be conscious of the things we purchase and I really do want to cut down on consumption.  So, I will probably be lecturing about the awesomeness of biology and evolution and the coral reefs to anyone who will listen.  You’ve all been warned…


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