She’s in rehab still getting jacked up on meds to fight a mysterious infection.  I finally spoke to my grandfather today (honestly, I was a little scared to talk before today, because nothing gets me down more than when someone else is down and I can’t help cheer them up.)  But their spirits are good and that’s what I care about most.  It was a relief. 

Jack Reunion:

He did fine.  I called a couple (meaning 3 or 4) times during vacation and every time the woman came back after looking in on Jack she would tell me what he was doing followed by a very valley girl “heee’s cuuuuute.”  My response?  “I know.”  I posted video of our reunion here (don’t know how to embed anything other than YouTube, sorry people.)  He spent the entire day just relaxing like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.  And he won’t leave my side.  He rests his head on me where ever I go.  It’s cute, but you know, I want him to be independent too. 

The downside of a week in pet camp – his leash training has gone to shit.  We reached the point of impressive before I left.  I could get that boy to focus on me to let a skateboard pass within 1 foot of him, and he hates skateboarders.  Now, we haven’t made it around the lake in the morning yet.  He puts the brakes on and just stares at me, like no way lady.  My mom’s convinced he had a chat with the other dogs and realized they didn’t have to run 3 miles each morning, so why the hell was he?  But he used to poop and then pounce up like “I’m ready!  let’s run this!”  Now?  Just laughs from passersby.  So I cut it short, no run, no outside play dude. 

And why haven’t I run all week?  I’ve been tired, just really tired.  And it became a joke in Hawaii where every afternoon boy would ask if I needed a nap before we went out again and I would shout “No!  let’s explore this island!” and after a quick shower I would pass out on whatever piece of furniture was closest for a good hour or so and wake up like “wait, were we going somewhere?” 

So last night, I sneezed.  And afterwards I was like, damn, that was a hard sneeze!  It hurt my throat!  And all night I kept waking up achey and sniffly.  Then this morning – BAM!  I’m sick.  Big sick.  I worked from home today in between restless lying down just because I couldn’t hold myself up vertically.  And I feel bad because Jack has been right by my side, to the point where he follows me to the bathroom and rests his head on my knee while I do my business.  And have you ever had a dog stare at you in the face while you do your business?  It’s weird.  He has these big brown pity eyes, and he has been resting at my feet if not on my lap while I do my work all day.  And this dog went from playing with other dogs daily to barely any activity all this week so I am having serious guilt, but not enough energy to take him outside longer than just to do his business.  I owe him. 

but for now, I just owe myself a bath.  because damn, I hurt.  everywhere.


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