the rules of a temper tantrum

I had a conversation today with a colleague after my last blog entry about how this cold is kicking me in the ass.  I mentioned that everything’s fine, I just needed to have a temper tantrum about it.  And then she said this:

“Temper tantrums are important.”

I thought about it for a second and then realized yes, indeed, they are very important.  And thinking back, having a temper tantrum has helped me get through very difficult times.  And not letting myself have one often results in heightened stress and tension.  And often times, it reveals that I cared much more about something than I thought I did because obviously if I’m going to spend so much energy as to have a temper tantrum about it, I care about it. 

And then she followed up with something along the lines of how she will allow her daughter to have the temper tantrum as long as she makes the right choices and doesn’t become destructive, otherwise there are consequences.  Yeah, I wish I learned the rules of having a proper temper tantrum earlier…  In any case, the next time I need to get whiney and persnickety about something, I’m going to let it happen.  And I’m going to pay close attention to it, because after my last entry, balance at work and home is obviously important.  And if I need to stay at home and be sick, I need to feel like I am able to do just that.


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