on one of my favorite days

It’s sort of an odd day to have as a favorite because there is absolutely nothing special about it.  But it was the day I got my tattoo.  Now this is just one of my favorite, swimming with sea turtles in the morning, coming home to shower then consuming 5 mexican beers on the lanai watching the beach then a late afternoon nap followed by delicious hummus for dinner, that’s up there in the favorite days.  Aong with exploring SF, really good hikes with friends, and baking pie and celebrating a late thanksgiving with my boys.

Last November was not the best of times.  But during my move, so flipping stressed over mid-terms, work, dog adoption, and etcetera, there was one very calm Sunday in between.  I spent the day packing up a bunch of stuff in one place, loading it into the car, then dropping it off at my new apartment.  Boy was there helping me and I suggested we walk down to the tattoo shop to see if they were open.  I was, after all, going to be his new neighbor since it’s just down the street from me.  It was open so we hung out for a while on the church benches of the tattoo place before walking across the street to a cafe where I thought the weird smell was the mop bucket and the curtained back room was suspicious. Naive me – it was cannabis club.  Right down the street from my new home.

I walked back to meet my tattoo artist who I kid you not had a tear tattooed out of the corner of his eye and actually ended up being a very famous tattoo artist (who knew?).  He was really soft spoken and nice.  He placed the image on my ankle, ran across the street to get stoned at the cafe, then came back red-eyed and put the needle gun together and did his thing.  Boy and I just kind of laughed through it.  The whole situation was funny. 

It had been gray and over-cast and it seemed like everyone was hiding inside as the first sign of rain for the season seemed to moving in.  So while the air hung heavy, there was silence down every street.  So we walked back to the car, and boy turned to me and asked “how cool do you feel?”  I said, “so very cool.”  And I turned to him smiling and he snapped a picture of me smiling through my coolness.


The calm of the whole day stayed with me the rest of the night.  And I told him later on that if the day had seemed chaotic at all, I would totally have chickened out on the tattoo.  I’m a weenie for most things, especially those things involving commitment.  But the feeling of that day, where every event seemed to happen without having to struggle with a decision about what to do next, and the quiet feeling surrounding all of it, it will stay with me for a long time.


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