nightly battle

I just spent a good 20 minutes wrestling with Jack.  And this has become a nightly ritual.  Why?  Because I have to brush his teeth. 

Jack has a snaggle tooth, a serious under-bite, and a suspected puppy infection that left the enamel on his teeth rough.  So the vet suggested I brush his teeth nightly.  He doesn’t run away, he doesn’t cower and pee, he sits right in front of me and buries his head either on the floor, or on my leg, or into me chest refusing to lift his head so I can get the toothbrush into his mouth.  By the time I get it into his mouth by way of getting him to chew at it, I have dog toothpaste all over my arm and smeared all over Jack’s head. 

I do this all the time thinking just be patient, he isn’t running away, we’ll make progress.  But no progress yet.  I’m convinced we can get through this, I’m just not sure how.  He even opens his mouth in a slight snarl like he’s showing his teeth because he knows that is what he is supposed to do, but then quickly buries his head into down into my leg. 

Advice welcome.


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  1. I don’t have grand advice about getting him to not resist – Jo has to be sedated for simple vet procedures and nail trims and runs if she sees me holding the dog brush. I’ve read countless things about making it a positive experience but I’ve never been sucessful at making it positive with Jo. Bella and I are in a place where she lets me do whatever to her, but she spends the whole time looking totally pathetic. What I can recommend for his teeth you can ask the vet about is a Hill’s Prescription Dog Food – T/D (Tooth Diet). Bella and Jo each get 2-3 pellets of this food in their regular food each meal and they both have shiny white teeth and never need teeth cleanings as a result. I get it through my rescue – you would have to get it through your vet or get a prescription for it. It does last a really long time. You could maybe cut the brushing down to not every day?

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