this is disgusting. you’ve been warned. poop.

okay, seriously, this is the kind of conversation boy and i have.  and this one in particular is too funny not to post.  or at least i think so.  everyone else will very likely be disgusted.

phoenixwhisker: sometimes my own poop scares me.
loraxinked: like a jump scare?  where it pops up from under your chair and surprises you?
phoenixwhisker: umm nooo.
loraxinked: cuz that would be scary
phoenixwhisker: more like a “where did that come from” scare.
loraxinked: ah
phoenixwhisker: seriously, I think I poop more than most obese people.
loraxinked: will you marry me?
phoenixwhisker: ha, i’m copying this conversation and putting in a blog post
loraxinked: you’re just an angel
phoenixwhisker: because I am laughing out loud
loraxinked: a funny, beautiful, proud, intelligent, pooping angel


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