I’m really not one to make impulse purchases.  Usually when something costs more than $100, I get really cheap and can take months to mull it over, weigh all the pros and cons, never commit because, well, more commitment issues.  But I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now.  And I’ve always hated to drive (not to mention I’ve never been a particularly good driver.)  And with gas what it is I never use my car anyway so I let boy have it most of the time so he gets to pay for maintenance.  And did I mention I really hate driving?  I actually prefer to be chauffeured.  But with the constant jaunts down Telegraph from Oakland to Berkeley that I make in a week’s time, I think this might actually be practical.  For grocery shopping, errand running, all the things I tend to wait until boy picks me up to do because I don’t have a parking spot and, once again, don’t like to drive.  Seriously considering one:

The only problem is Jack needs a spot.  I don’t think he would mind the open air nor would he mind being very tightly harnessed into a basket somewhere with a helmet.  But do they even make a dog seat for Vespas?  I think it’s worth exploring and possible going for a test ride.  Normally I would let this idea go on a whim, but I can’t shake this one.  I want one.  really.

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