i’ve been cooking!

Sort of.  I really hate to cook.  Actually, I hate just turning the stove on.  So my usual meals involve assembly. Cucumber hummus sandwiches, dipping things in hummus, pre-steamed lentils and unbaked tofu, pretzels, I’ve even gone so far to get my greens in by eating collard greens raw.  Won’t be doing that again.  But lately, I’ve been cooking.  And here are my 3 favorites so far.

Cucumber soup.  Love cold cucumber soup.  My mom has made it every summer since I don’t even remember when and I got the recipe from her and continue to make it.  I just substitute the broth with veggie broth and the creamer with soy creamer.  4 cucumbers, 1 onion, 2 cups broth, margarine, 1 1/2 cups cream, cayenne and curry and it’s lunch for a week.  The best summer soup.

Avocado smoothies.  I know, it sounds weird and gross and green.  A friend turned me and boy on to these at our favorite vegan Vietnamese restaurant and they are so good!  1 avocado, soy milk, berries, honey and it’s yummy yummy.  It almost tastes like a banana, but not quite, and it’s really smooth.

Lastly, I have no idea why I have never been to Monterey Market in Berkeley.  Probably because Berkeley bowl, the other local grocer, is a pain to get through with lines stretching to the back of the store.  But Monterey market is awesome.  So I went there tonight and loaded up for tonight’s dinner.  Lime-chili tofu with mango and kale.  Soy sauce, chili paste, rice vinegar, oil, brown sugar, and lime for the tofu.  It was really good.  And I’ve been meaning to get kale since it is an excellent source of calcium and I lack that in my diet since I avoid milk and cheese (don’t worry mom, I take my share of daily supplements.)  Even boy ate the kale, which I didn’t expect.

My fridge has been broken so I haven’t been keeping many groceries, but I think once it comes back on I’ll start loading up from Monterey Market.  Especially kale, I want to make it a daily staple in my diet.  Now I just need my scooter so I can take quick trips to the store.


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