I like lemons, #1

I like lemons.  Very much.  And I have a habit of pouring out a sugar packet, rolling a lemon wedge in it and sucking on the lemon.  Bad for the teeth I realize.  But damn delicious.  And what’s better than lemons?  Lemon bars. 

So I’ve decided that this summer I will be trying as many different lemon bars as possible.  Not really in search of the best one.  I don’t really care about the best one.  I just like lemon bars. 

And I will review them here.

Lemon Bar #1 – Andronicos

After a late hike on the summer solstice where I was really freaked out about mountain lions and serial killers come 9:30 pm, the conversation turned to desserts because that topic seems to soothe my soul.  So I had to stop at Andronicos on the way down the mountain.  And I got a lemon bar.  And paired it with a beer.

It was very… curd-y.  Almost like the curd part wasn’t baked at all, just the crust and the curd was spread on after.  The result?  A juicy crust, though it didn’t get soggy which is good, and the thickness of the crust was good, not too thick.  But the curd was just too thick.  Like it kind of burned on the way down your throat because of the tartness. 

But it’s a lemon bar, so I ate it all. 

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  1. kathyomm

    I think you should make lemon curd. It’s one of those things that you’ll feel so cool once you master it. Then you can make the curd just your way! It is one of my favorite baking challenges.

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