I like lemons, #2

Lemon Bar #2 – Bette’s Oceanside Diner on 4th Street in Berkeley.

Sunday, jumping around from brunch spot to brunch spot to find a place where the line wasn’t 2 hours long.  All I really wanted were the corn and maple syrup waffles from Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe, but the line was just. too. long.  So we headed to 4th street and the wind picked up and eating outside there was just. too. cold.  So before heading to the old standby at Cafe Cacoa, we peeked in the side cafe.  We got some pizza from the case to go and I got a lemon bar that I pieced off all the way home.

It was oddly fluffy and the lemon part was crumbly.  Like they used a lot of eggs and made a whipped topping that quickly went into the oven.  The crust was good, thick, buttery.  I like a lot of powdered sugar, and I especially like when it goes a little stale and crunchy on top.  But the sharp lemony bite – coulda been better.

I may have finished it off before we got home to eat lunch.

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