I like lemons, #3

Lemon Bar #3 – Market Hall on College Ave. in Rockridge, Oakland

I left work early for a doctor’s appointment and boy met me on College Ave. for a quick lunch before back to work.  He never did like Crepevine and didn’t finish that tuna melt and the food is a bit 2 AM post-drinking food, but I don’t mind it.  I had the Kyoto crepe – weird combination.  To make up for the sub-par food we ran across the road never using proper crosswalks like we should and grabbed some treats from the Market Hall bakery. 

Over-baked.  I don’t want the top of my lemon bar looking like an omelet.  But at least it had a bit of powdered sugar on top.  I nibbled bits in the car, they crumbled off the top while the crust didn’t budge without a snap.  The crust was thick and not buttery enough.  The lemon part was too dry and still didn’t have that sharp lemony sweet bite. 

I came back to a spotty internet connection and missed time-sensitive emails that may have contributed to me shoving the rest of the bar into my mouth without tasting much.  Because that’s how stress eating works.

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