I like lemons, #4

Lemon Bar #4 – that center cafe with the red awning in SF City Center Mall food court.

I like this cafe.  They have these good vegan cookies that are my vegan sugar bombs that I used to get all the time. Also, a large staff of tiny little asian girls that think “Sexy People Leave Tips!”  After my cold, that was now about a month ago, I had this cough that would not frickin’ go away.  It drove me and my cube mates nuts b/c they probably all thought I was contaminated.  I was cleared of walking pneumonia and diagnosed with basically a cough for habit’s sake.  I was prescribed these capsules – basically, I require numbing to break the habit of coughing.  And these little capsules, well if you accidentally pop one in your mouth your whole mouth goes numb and you could choke.  Today I think one popped on the way down in my esophagus; the capsule kind of got stuck for a while followed by a weird “did I just swallow or not?” sensation.  So with all this said, I decided on a lemon bar, to perk up my numb esophagus of course.

I saw it in the case and thought damn, that’s a lot of powdered sugar on top!  Good sign.  But it’s also square.  I like my lemon bars big flat rectangles.  Much to my chagrin, the powdered sugar on top is a little too much.  It’s too overwhelming and it’s the last flavor to leave my mouth so instead of feeling like I ate something tart and refreshing, I feel like I had a spoonful of powdered sugar.  And sometimes I do take a spoonful of powdered sugar at home when I feel like it, but that’s not what I want when I get a lemon bar.  The rest is totally average – not a very crumbly lemon part, just curd-y enough, but nothing spectacular in terms of flavor.  The crust is annoying.  It’s so average.  I like my lemon bars to have a distinct color difference b/w the crust and curd, this one is all monochrome.  I don’t know, there’s something irritatingly average about this one.  Maybe it’s just my mood getting in the way…

I’m debating the last bite, if you can believe it.


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