slip of the tongue

no, not that slip. dirties.

It happened at BlogHer. Talking to a colleague. Wigged me out. Still wigs me out a little.

We were talking about our significant others when I said it.

Why should my husb….

[jaw drop]

yeah, I said it. So what, right? Right. No biggie.

I assume this is something that comes with turning 27. The “H” word starting to work its way into my vocabulary. Just like how I bought shoes the other day for the sole purpose of ARCH SUPPORT. Soon to come: stories about sagging boobs, hormone levels plummeting faster than the stock market, and my birthday brought to you by smuckers and Willard Scott. So much for having “turning 30” issues.


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One response to “slip of the tongue

  1. Jen

    I had MAJOR turning 30 issues–the worst was the day before my 30th birthday. But on the day of, I was miraculously fine… And you’ve got some time to mentally prepare yourself!

    I actually still do the opposite–I occasionally introduce my husband as my boyfriend, even though we’ve been married for almost 9 months now. “Husband” just sounds so weird!

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