In need of a good salt lick

I realize that for some this will come across like me complaining about something like, I don’t know, those girls who can’t put on weight and complain about it?  Yes, we all know about those girls.  But this little issue has actually made a big difference in my day-to-day life.

I have low blood pressure (110/60 usually).  And for some reason as I get older, the numbers keep getting lower.  Which I can only guess is a combination of genetics and running (oddly enough, high blood pressure runs in my family, but I somehow managed to dodge it, quite unlike my sister…)  And about a year and a half ago I started seeing stars when I stood up too quickly or dizzy spells.  At one point when walking around Old Navy I had to grab a clothing rack and racing through my brain was what do I do if I pass out and I’m by myself and did you know that if you have to go to the bathroom and you faint you usually end up going in your pants? (no, it has never happened to me, but I hear ODD stories having friends and family working in retail…) Anyway, that idea kept flashing in my head as well as I entered into dizzy panic.  An Old Navy employee passed by me clinging to the clothes rack and gave me that she’s hiding something glare.  When the dizzy spell passed I jetted out of there to make sure I was safe at home in case it happened again.

So I never made the connection between low blood pressure and dizzy spells.  But recently I read about a nutritionist who had the same issue.  Solution?  Salt on your food.  She had never done this before because as a nutritionist she preached against it.  But you know what?  Not eating overly processed foods and eliminating cheese from my diet, I really don’t consume much salt.  (sugar on the other hand, let’s not go there…)  So I started by eating a bunch of saltines before studying.  And honestly, I felt better.  I was able to concentrate while studying and I felt like I had more energy.  (lack of concentration is also an apparent side effect of low BP, but can I honestly attribute my procrastination to that?)  So now I add a dash of salt to at least one item on my plate, if I remember… 

Because heaven forbid I faint and pee in my pants in public.  Or I start acting like Liza Minelli on Arrested Development.

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  1. That’s pretty interesting. I think my almost-fainting episode probably had to do with low blood pressure (mine has always been lower than usual, too).

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