I came home from work today and found boy passed out on the couch.  Thinking I was being oh so sneaky, I took this picture:

And as I downloaded the picture to post it, I noticed some other pictures I didn’t know about.  Apparently, having finished my genetics final the night before and in need of a night with no studying, I downed some wine and crashed on the couch.  So this is what I get for thinking I’m so stealth-like…

Jack’s feet were like that for a while, or so I’m told.  I even got kicked in the face a few times and didn’t seem to notice.  It was good wine.


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  1. Yeah, the booze will do that to you. My brother recently had a few too many at a concert, and I’m told his dog spent several minutes jumping on his head to get his attention before slinking away after defeat. : )

    This is how Mike sleeps every night.

    Too funny.

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