a little over a year later…

I’m out of town on a business trip this whole week staying at the same hotel I stayed in over a year ago (did I mention how much I love the beds at Westin hotels?  love ’em.)  It was at this hotel I stayed up late one night searching for pre-med programs thinking about whether or not I was capable of going back to school.  And now, over a year later, having completed a full year of pre-med and really excited about continuing, I find that returning here is very sentimental.  I’m embarrassed by how that sounds, but it’s a big realization to know that I was doubting myself over a year ago and still made the decision to try it out.  And I still doubt myself (apparently I will doubt myself to tears after every exam I take) but reminding myself where I was this time last year puts this past year in perspective.  And it’s a good feeling.


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  1. Jen

    That’s so awesome, and it IS a good feeling! You’re on the right path…

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